10 College Startups to Change the World

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At the Kairos Global Summit event in March, approximately 300 “Kairos fellows”  met with mentors from the private industry, the not for profit sector, and government to discuss huge, global issues like world hunger, access to clean water, higher education, energy consumption, empowering women globally, and expanding access to health care.

Students met with “50 most innovative student ventures,” presented by The Campaign for Free Enterprise, on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Read more about the innovative student ventures that are sure to become big news. Also, made sure to check out this innovative Mexican company on how it’s changing the face of energy consumption worldwide.


Latin American Startups: Success Stories

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Unlike Silicon Valley – where “angel investors, tech talent and other vital ingredients to nurture startups are abundantly available” –  Latin America is not considered a paradise for tech entrepreneurs.

All three of the companies mentioned in the article, Latin America Startups: How Three Sourcing Entrepreneurs Crossed the Chasm, immediately focused their attention outward on multinationals in the US market. In the 1990’s, that was certainly going against the common trend. Even today, most entrepreneurial startups try to build a strong domestic presence first, to then go on and consider expanding internationally.

The first entrepreneur interviewed (they kept his eye on him since the last edition of the Red Hot Startups contest), mentions his frustrations before the success he enjoys today: “We were at the University of Campinas, which is one of the best science universities in the country and a great environment to start up,” says Gon. “I was excited by the talent I saw there, which was at the same level of knowledge and ability to execute as in the US. But I couldn’t find a single Brazilian company that was respected or represented that talent.”

Read how Cesar Gon finally overcame those obstacles and the rest of these inspiring entrepreneurs’ stories. 

Billionaire Cisneros to Team Up With Chinese in Latin America Oil, Gold

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Venezuelan billionaire Gustavo Cisneros is setting up joint ventures with Chinese banks to carry out investment in Latin American commodities industries.

“You’ll probably see in the next year or two a lot of Cisneros China or China Cisneros in Latin America and it’s going to be whatever comes, whether it’s oil, gold or big cattle operations,” Cisneros, 66, said yesterday in an interview at Bloomberg’s headquarters in New York. “They understand they don’t have the knowledge to run these businesses. They need results now and we can provide results.”

Both Cisneros and his daughter Adriana are optimistic about the outlook for their business in Latin America.

“We have the best decade of Latin America ahead of us, of course this or that happening, but the numbers objectively,” Cisneros said before being interrupted by his daughter.

“It’s our decade,” she said.

“It’s going to be fantastic,” Cisneros continued. “Any way you look at it, politically, economically, culturally, Latin America has come into its own.”

The chairman of Cisneros Group of Companies, who is relinquishing operations of the firm to his youngest daughter Adriana, said he aims to push through projects that have been delayed by state inefficiencies through partnerships in energy, agriculture and metals. Deals may take place in countries including Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Panama, Cisneros said.

Source: Bloomberg

What benefits for China and Latin America do you see as a consequence of this new partnership?






What All Entrepreneurs Should Do This Summer

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Here’s an excellent article on what entrepreneurs should do this summer, including amazing advice that comes from a group of business men and women that have really been in the entrepreneur’s shoes:

Tip #4) Send your employees packing. “Make your valuable employees take a vacation and then do their job for a week. It will put you back in touch with what is going on in your company.”

— Harry Geller, entrepreneur-in-residence, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship

There’s a good idea for everyone in here…

Oh How I Love Your Entrepreneurial Way

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“From Startup Dreams to a Cubicle Life” is an article about how many new young entrepreneurs plan to make a “corporate pit stop” before starting their own business: In a 2011 survey of second-year entrepreneurship students at the Harvard Business School(Harvard Full-Time MBA Profile), 70 percent said they expected to wait one-to-seven years after graduation before pursuing an entrepreneurial project. That may be due to the current economy. Read more about what’s behind this new trend here, on Bloomberg Business Week.

‘500 Startups’ Adds 21 New Companies

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From Forbes Blog:

Tech accelerator 500 Startups has accepted 21 new companies, and none of these hot new entrepreneurs are your typical Silicon Valley soon-to-be CEO. For one, most of them are not from the U.S.:

500 Startups founder Dave McClure has been actively looking at companies internationally and in his latest selection of companies, 30% of the founders are from outside the U.S. The 21 new companies include entrepreneurs from Australia, Chile, Mexico, Estonia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan. An interesting tidbit is how he finds these new pieces of 500 Startups. It’s said that Dave McClure organizes something called Geeks on a Plane, a traveling squad of entrepreneurs and investors that travel around the world to South America, East Asia and Europe to find new batches of untapped talent. There are also a number of U.S. companies from outside Silicon Valley in his latest pick.

How to Make Sure Social Media Works With You, Not Against You

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If you use a social media network to engage with your community, potential consumers and investors, don’t miss this blog article by Fast Company, called “How Social Media Can Destroy Your Business And What You Can Do About It”. Today in age, social media can be a double-edged sword that we think we have control of until it’s too late. See what good tips you should apply to your social media techniques (entire tips continued in the original article):

1. TRANSPARENCY: In the coming years there will be a greater call for transparency from brands…

2. RESPONSIBILITY: As a function of this heightened awareness regarding the trouble that everyone in the global community faces, consumers are now looking to their brands to …

3. REDUNDANCY: Every period of technological transition brings with it survivors and casualties. As Joseph Schumpeter put it, this process of ‘creative destruction’ is not peculiar to social media, but is fundamental to economic development itself…

4. CREATIVITY: The future is a story we make up everyday, and in the face of so many challenges, a new breed of CEO, social entrepreneur, employee and consumer is emerging…


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