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Here is a list of must read business books for all entrepreneurs, no matter what stage of the game you’re in. Hosted by a panel of business VIPs, including Rick Wagoner, CEO of General Motors; Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of  Citigroup’s Global Wealth Management Unit; Marc Benioff, CEO of, this uber successful group rates a list of must-reads to come out with the overall winner. A book worthy of putting everything aside for, no doubt.

For the list of books and the winner, click here.


10 College Startups to Change the World

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At the Kairos Global Summit event in March, approximately 300 “Kairos fellows”  met with mentors from the private industry, the not for profit sector, and government to discuss huge, global issues like world hunger, access to clean water, higher education, energy consumption, empowering women globally, and expanding access to health care.

Students met with “50 most innovative student ventures,” presented by The Campaign for Free Enterprise, on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Read more about the innovative student ventures that are sure to become big news. Also, made sure to check out this innovative Mexican company on how it’s changing the face of energy consumption worldwide.

What All Entrepreneurs Should Do This Summer

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Here’s an excellent article on what entrepreneurs should do this summer, including amazing advice that comes from a group of business men and women that have really been in the entrepreneur’s shoes:

Tip #4) Send your employees packing. “Make your valuable employees take a vacation and then do their job for a week. It will put you back in touch with what is going on in your company.”

— Harry Geller, entrepreneur-in-residence, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship

There’s a good idea for everyone in here…

Something to Think About If You’re A Start-Up Business

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Do you know what kind of Start-Up you’re currently running?

What kind of Start-Up business you’d like to have?

This website offers a list of Start-Up categories for you to look at and figure out not only what you consider you are, but what other people consider your business to be. Also, the website offers services for branding your company, something essential for getting your business of the ground.

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