The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Coffee Shop Etiquette : AMEX (via Accounting and Small Business /Beverly Shares)

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This is a wonderful article that will resolve all of your questions on etiquette and acceptable behaviors when using coffee shops as meeting places for business and work needs. Small businesses and start-ups tend to use coffee shops as a go-to office where many things can be accomplished. But how to navigate through what is appropriate and what’s not? Here’s a wonderful article that will have all the answers, based on feedback from a variety of entrepreneurs that have been in your shoes.

Is the local coffee shop your primary small business place of doing business?   Read this article on etiquette and acceptable behaviors via a Mashable interview of a few in the business. Excerpt……In their early stages, when dedicated office space is unrealistic, unnecessary or too expensive, small businesses and startups tend to frequent coffee shops for their working and meeting needs. It's nice to get away from the home desk, and a nice caf … Read More

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“Killer Apps” That Will Change Business As Usual

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Is it just me, or are there hundreds of new apps on the market every day? Do you ever think that as a small business owner, you’d like to have an app for your company?

It is a breakthrough that more and more, high-tech apps are becoming less and less expensive. The tools are becoming more readily available and there are a growing number of developers with the knowledge to write apps.

I found this great blog post by Gene Marks on apps for 2012 that will change the way business as usual is conducted: “Over the next couple of years, many smart business owners will also be creating their own apps for their own businesses.  These apps will enable a customer to check pricing for the products they buy.  Or look up the status of an order.  Or open up a trouble ticket.  Or request a quote.  Or pay their open invoice (except for my customers, who do everything in their power NOT to pay their invoices).”

Click here for the original article and see how this could benefit your small business.

Franchises that won’t break the bank (via Things I find interesting)

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I’ve heard of horror stories about people that have started franchises with all the right thinking, strategy and homework done, only to go have the franchise not take off. Here is a list of franchises that Money Magazine recommends as some of the most promising franchise investments in 2011.

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Some franchise fees are outrageously expensive particularly when you consider your return on investment.  Money magazine has compiled ten examples of low initial investment with the opportunity for excellent income.   10 great franchise bets – (1) – CNNMoney. … Read More

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How to Make Sure Social Media Works With You, Not Against You

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If you use a social media network to engage with your community, potential consumers and investors, don’t miss this blog article by Fast Company, called “How Social Media Can Destroy Your Business And What You Can Do About It”. Today in age, social media can be a double-edged sword that we think we have control of until it’s too late. See what good tips you should apply to your social media techniques (entire tips continued in the original article):

1. TRANSPARENCY: In the coming years there will be a greater call for transparency from brands…

2. RESPONSIBILITY: As a function of this heightened awareness regarding the trouble that everyone in the global community faces, consumers are now looking to their brands to …

3. REDUNDANCY: Every period of technological transition brings with it survivors and casualties. As Joseph Schumpeter put it, this process of ‘creative destruction’ is not peculiar to social media, but is fundamental to economic development itself…

4. CREATIVITY: The future is a story we make up everyday, and in the face of so many challenges, a new breed of CEO, social entrepreneur, employee and consumer is emerging…


The International Council for Small Business Exchange

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If you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you can’t miss this new website that aims to be the best place to go to exchange knowledge and form a global network, no matter where in the world you decide to set up shop.

Click here to check out the website. Also, find out about a participant’s “Family Venture around the World” that will prove to be an amazing, and no doubt amusing, journey through international entrepreneurship. 

WSJ: Health-Care Tax Credit Being Used?

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The Affordable Care Act made health care more affordable for small business owners, but is this credit being taken full advantage of?

Find out more on this Wall Street Journal blog.

Twitter Page for Entrepreneurs

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Loads of useful links, tips, advice and motivation for entrepreneurs from an innovating Mexican company focused on providing a wide variety of services all with the common objective of saving entrepreneurs time. Here’s a great example of what TimeSavingMx posts on Twitter.

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