6 Steps to Guide Your Start-up

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So, you’re thinking of starting your own business and are looking for the very best entrepreneur ideas. If you want to read an amazing article that contain top entrepreneur ideas, here it is.

So how to get from idea to finish? All of the steps needed to start a business, are anything but intuitive. You need a guide on how to start a successful business and this is it.

Go through the following 6 steps – THE IDEA -THE MARKET – THE TEAM – THE PRODUCT – THE CUSTOMER – THE INVESTOR-  to get started!



Essential Tips for Going into Business in Mexico

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This article in Troy Media, written by an experienced entrepreneur in Mexico, Brad Donovan, President of Spirits Trading International, makes an excellent case for opening a business in Mexico. He gives some great entrepreneur business ideas for those interesting in starting a business in Mexico and Latin America.

“To understand Mexicans, to live among them and see how they operate is fascinating.”

Read more about why, here.



‘500 Startups’ Adds 21 New Companies

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From Forbes Blog:

Tech accelerator 500 Startups has accepted 21 new companies, and none of these hot new entrepreneurs are your typical Silicon Valley soon-to-be CEO. For one, most of them are not from the U.S.:

500 Startups founder Dave McClure has been actively looking at companies internationally and in his latest selection of companies, 30% of the founders are from outside the U.S. The 21 new companies include entrepreneurs from Australia, Chile, Mexico, Estonia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan. An interesting tidbit is how he finds these new pieces of 500 Startups. It’s said that Dave McClure organizes something called Geeks on a Plane, a traveling squad of entrepreneurs and investors that travel around the world to South America, East Asia and Europe to find new batches of untapped talent. There are also a number of U.S. companies from outside Silicon Valley in his latest pick.

How to Research a Business Opportunity

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Entrepreneur.com has come up with an amazingly in-depth article on the steps for researching a business opportunity. By following these steps, using common sense and keeping abreast of business news, your investment is bound to be a sure -fire win.

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