What is Mexico Today?

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Marca País-Imagen de México has rolled out a new web site, Mexico Today, that gives the latest information on the Mexican economy, tourism, culture , environment, Mexico and the World, and much more. Visit the site today for all of the most recent news on Mexico.


Mexico’s Strategic Advantages (via Manufacture in Mexico)

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As we all know, the maquila industry has been growing at a rapid pace over the years. With Mexico’s proximity to the U.S. and NAFTA, there are abundant reasons to believe that Mexico will be an international center for business and industry growth in the years ahead. Here is a great read on what opportunities Mexico presents companies of all shapes and sizes.

Manufacture in Mexico Larger companies and their suppliers have found great opportunities in Mexico: lower wages, proximity to the US and equally enthusiastic promotion by the Mexican government… Read More

via Manufacture in Mexico

‘StartUp Health’ Launches New Mobile Initiative

June 16, 2011 § 3 Comments

Lately there has been talk about how important entrepreneurship is for the American economy and global competitiveness.

StartUp Health is a new initiative focused on improving access to education, capital and resources for health and wellness entrepreneurs. The creation of the organization was announced last week at the Health Data Intitative Forum, according to a report from HealthCareITNews. This initiative is the second of its kind this year. Earlier in the year, a group of venture capitalists and recent Harvard Business School grads formed Rock Health, an incubator for mobile and online health startups.

Read the original report at HealthCareITNews.

Source: Mobi Health News

Mexico’s Cordero Takes Aim at Presidency in 2012

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Mexican Finance Minister Ernesto Cordero said on June 2 that he wants to run for president in the 2012 race.

He said he is honored to be considered as a potential candidate after a group of 134 lawmakers and officials from the ruling PAN (Partido Acción Nacional or National Action Party) published an open letter backing him as the party’s pick for the July 2012 elections.

“He is the best option … because he is part of a new generation,” stated the letter published in El Universal.

Read more on the Mexican Finance Minister’s presidential candidacy and what this could mean for business in Mexico.

Source: Yahoo! News

Elizabeth, U.S. Entrepreneur in Mexico

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Here is an interesting interview with an entrepreneur that shows the more personal side of     entrepreneurship abroad. Elizabeth Helsley has been living in Mexico for several years and recently opened an import business where she helps foreign companies introduce their food products into the Mexican market.




The article with her experience.

A Look at NAFTA

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Check out this interview with Suresh Kumar, the top official for the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service, who speaks with Global Atlanta for a look back at what the creation of North American Free Trade Agreement has meant for the US, Canada and Mexico.

“Why Everyone Wants to Be An Entrepreneur in Mexico”

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Looking to start a business abroad? An in-depth look at being an entrepreneur in Mexico.

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