American Entrepreneur: “Basics of Accounting are Key to Survival”

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Via The NYTimes:

“Few people start a business because they are good with numbers. In fact, the terms “accounting” and “financial analysis” tend to put business owners to sleep or send them screaming from the room. But to run a business effectively, most owners need to have some understanding of their finances.  […] “It’s like a racecar that goes too fast and runs out of gas,” said Doug Tatum, a serial entrepreneur who is a visiting professor of entrepreneurship at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro. Business owners do not necessarily need to know how to prepare a balance sheet, but they do have to know which gauges to watch.” Click here to see what those gauges are.

How do you manage your finances? I’d love to hear about your tips and techniques!


How Great Leaders Inspire Action: Get to Know Simon Sinek

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This is an inspirational video with Simon Sinek demonstrating amazing leadership thinking and real insight into what makes a succcessful entrepreneur. A must-see for anyone in business!

What are your thoughts on leadership? Can you explain in your own words what makes a great leader?

I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

‘StartUp Health’ Launches New Mobile Initiative

June 16, 2011 § 3 Comments

Lately there has been talk about how important entrepreneurship is for the American economy and global competitiveness.

StartUp Health is a new initiative focused on improving access to education, capital and resources for health and wellness entrepreneurs. The creation of the organization was announced last week at the Health Data Intitative Forum, according to a report from HealthCareITNews. This initiative is the second of its kind this year. Earlier in the year, a group of venture capitalists and recent Harvard Business School grads formed Rock Health, an incubator for mobile and online health startups.

Read the original report at HealthCareITNews.

Source: Mobi Health News

Every Kid’s Book: An Inspirational Entrepreneur Project

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Phil Haussler reads to his children, from left, Lincoln, Grady and McCoy, at his home. Haussler spends his days working for Quantum Workplace and moonlights as the founder and one of three partners in MarbleSpark, a personalized children’s book company.

Can Entrepreneurship Save America?

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It’s been stated recently that entrepreneurship may be just what the doctor ordered for America’s fleeting economy.

In Newark there was an Urban Entrepreneur Summit yesterday to discuss the issue of how the Internet has changed entrepreneurship in the sense that today it is possible to start and run a business with fairly little money.

Not all businesses can be started and run on the Internet but more and more, people are thinking of how the internet and the new 21st mentality can come together to improve the economy and the work lives of those that embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship. Read more about the article here and see why Newark Mayor claimed “urban markets are a gold mine.”

Twitter Page for Entrepreneurs

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Loads of useful links, tips, advice and motivation for entrepreneurs from an innovating Mexican company focused on providing a wide variety of services all with the common objective of saving entrepreneurs time. Here’s a great example of what TimeSavingMx posts on Twitter.

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