Best Business Quotes From The Silver Screen

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Here is a list of great business quotes for a little bit of inspiration today!

Enjoy and please feel free to leave me your own best business quotes below.


Recycling Provides Profitable Business Opportunity in Mexico

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(Video in Spanish)

Have you ever wanted to start a business that is good for the planet too?

Check out this Mexico Today page that tells the tale of two entrepreneurs that founded a company called YoReciclo, Spanish for “I recycle,” which collects paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminum, steel, glass, and electronics and then sells these materials to paper mills, plastic manufacturers, steel smelters, and glass manufacturers for reuse.

Who’s Turning Designers into Start-Up CEOs?

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Enrique Allen.

Enrique Allen, a designer himself, decided one day that it was about time to bring design literacy to Silicon Valley. Realizing that designers should start to build there own businesses (“I realized I should be helping designers become more startup-ey”) he realized that designers can be key to a company’s image and brand and if they become leaders of the company, will integrate design “right in the company’s DNA.”

For that reason, for Allen, a cofounder of 500 Startups, it was important to start The Designer Fund

Read more about what Enrique Allen sees in designers as potential CEOs. 

Entrepreneur’s 100 Brilliant Companies 2011

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“Good ideas are common,” the aptly named British humorist Ashleigh Brilliant once said. “What’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about.”

Check out this master list of top 2011 start-ups ranging from Travel to Tech that will inspire you to keep working hard on your brilliant idea.

For a Start-Up: Better Two Brains Than One

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“No one is good at working for themselves at first,”  says Sara Chipps, a young software developer from New York City. She started her consulting business about 2 years ago and swears by a new trend in start-ups:  community co-working spaces for independent workers to gather and share knowledge and ideas.
Chipps says, “You don’t know what you’re doing, how to pay taxes or handle a situation when things are hairy. You don’t know how to set up a contract, and some of the people there have been doing this for 10 years, so they help you out and give you advice. It’s encouraging, I always knew I had them there, and that was a great thing.”
Read more here:

Growing Middle Class in Mexico

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From The Catalyst:

Latin America is not currently a middle class place; the average size of the middle class for the Latin American region is 36.%, data from 2005. But Mexico, along with only three other Latin American economies has a large middle class. According to Cárdenas, Kharas and Henao from Brookings Institution, Mexico is and will be even more, a middle class country.

“The implications of this description for investment and policy decisions are important. A buoyant middle class represents not only a link between it and the economic effects of consumption and growth. Middle class also focus its importance on values typically associated with this socioeconomic group, such as democratic attitudes, entrepreneurship, hard work and the importance of education. According to the Brookings study, these values, it is often argued, are crucial for the development process.”

For more an even more in depth view of this conversation that has been going on for years now, visit

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