The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Coffee Shop Etiquette : AMEX (via Accounting and Small Business /Beverly Shares)

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This is a wonderful article that will resolve all of your questions on etiquette and acceptable behaviors when using coffee shops as meeting places for business and work needs. Small businesses and start-ups tend to use coffee shops as a go-to office where many things can be accomplished. But how to navigate through what is appropriate and what’s not? Here’s a wonderful article that will have all the answers, based on feedback from a variety of entrepreneurs that have been in your shoes.

Is the local coffee shop your primary small business place of doing business?   Read this article on etiquette and acceptable behaviors via a Mashable interview of a few in the business. Excerpt……In their early stages, when dedicated office space is unrealistic, unnecessary or too expensive, small businesses and startups tend to frequent coffee shops for their working and meeting needs. It's nice to get away from the home desk, and a nice caf … Read More

via Accounting and Small Business /Beverly Shares


“Why Everyone Wants to Be An Entrepreneur in Mexico”

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Looking to start a business abroad? An in-depth look at being an entrepreneur in Mexico.

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