The Creative Economy: Facts and Figures

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As an entrepreneur, are you involved in the creative economy? Do you employ in the cultural or artistic realms? If so, you’ll want to see these facts and figures from The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies that has loads of insight and cool links for anyone looking to foment creative economic development.





Franchises that won’t break the bank (via Things I find interesting)

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I’ve heard of horror stories about people that have started franchises with all the right thinking, strategy and homework done, only to go have the franchise not take off. Here is a list of franchises that Money Magazine recommends as some of the most promising franchise investments in 2011.

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Some franchise fees are outrageously expensive particularly when you consider your return on investment.  Money magazine has compiled ten examples of low initial investment with the opportunity for excellent income.   10 great franchise bets – (1) – CNNMoney. … Read More

via Things I find interesting

Mexico’s Cordero Takes Aim at Presidency in 2012

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Mexican Finance Minister Ernesto Cordero said on June 2 that he wants to run for president in the 2012 race.

He said he is honored to be considered as a potential candidate after a group of 134 lawmakers and officials from the ruling PAN (Partido Acción Nacional or National Action Party) published an open letter backing him as the party’s pick for the July 2012 elections.

“He is the best option … because he is part of a new generation,” stated the letter published in El Universal.

Read more on the Mexican Finance Minister’s presidential candidacy and what this could mean for business in Mexico.

Source: Yahoo! News

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