Resource for Entrepreneurs: Four Steps to the Epiphany

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In Four Steps to the Epiphany, the author Steven Blank turns the traditional logic followed by entrepreneurs, “build it and they will come”, on its head. He argues that the central task of a startup is “in an iterative process of learning that centers on validating the product vision against a market of paying customers.”

Read more about starting a customer-centered business here. 


Elevator Pitch Builder via Harvard Business School

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This is one of the coolest tools I’ve ever seen for entrepreneurs and post-graduates alike. If you have a small business or start-up enterprise, you will benefit greatly from this Elevator Pitch Builder that will leave you with a perfectly crisp and effective 60 second speech that will interest potential investors, venture capitalists, and other relevant companies.

Pretty cool stuff. 



Most Inspiring American Speeches of All Time

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Can you guess which inspiring American speeches are considered the best of all time? 

The Creative Economy: Facts and Figures

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As an entrepreneur, are you involved in the creative economy? Do you employ in the cultural or artistic realms? If so, you’ll want to see these facts and figures from The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies that has loads of insight and cool links for anyone looking to foment creative economic development.




Entrepreneur’s 100 Brilliant Companies 2011

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“Good ideas are common,” the aptly named British humorist Ashleigh Brilliant once said. “What’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about.”

Check out this master list of top 2011 start-ups ranging from Travel to Tech that will inspire you to keep working hard on your brilliant idea.

Young Social Entrepreneurs in Canada

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Moved to dedicate your business to social issues? How to connect young people to the resources, opportunities, networks, and other tools that will ensure success in their endeavor? Watch the video above.

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