Harvard Business School : How to Learn from Failure

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Watch this video that will give you a new perspective on failure that you can apply to your business.


Mexico Initiative Launches New Web Site

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Yesterday, Marca País – Imagen de México launched www.MexicoToday.org, as part of an initiative to promote latest news on Mexican economy, tourism, culture, environment, and more. Entrepreneur Tales: Business in Mexico and the U.S. has established a partnership with the web site in order to bring you the latest news on small business and entrepreneurship in Mexico and the U.S., as well as useful information on bilateral relations. Learn more by visiting the site today!

Guest Post on “Things I Find Interesting: Finance and Stuff”

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Yesterday, “Things I Find Interesting: Finance and Stuff” covered a guest post that I wrote for them on the topic of Entrepreneurship. It’s a great video and really worth-while for anyone in business. I hope you’ll check it out!

Business Born at a Bar

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Read this inspiring, creative article via Entrepreneur.com that explains how 5 successful businesses where “born at a bar” through cocktail napkin exchanges.

Sihuapan: German Cigar Production in Mexico

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This story explains how one man on a trip to Mexico discovers a German cigar rolling plant, Puros Sihuapan, that sells great tasting cigars made with especially fragrant and flavorful Mexican leaves. Not surprisingly, these cigars are manufactured in Mexico and 15,000 are sent abroad every year. Read more about how the cigar plant in Mexico. 

Doing Business in Mexico: A Guide for Navigating Cultural Difference

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Here is a great article on a few key communication problems that U.S. and Mexican business partners encounter and tips on how to avoid them. For instance, “in mainstream U.S. culture, accountability is simply assumed, and a request for information is assumed to require a quick response. It is not necessary to say anything; it is assumed.” A lot of these assumptions cannot be transferred to other cultures and this can create frequent misunderstandings. The article linked to explains what you need to know to triumph in these cross-cultural business communications.


“Seven Signs You Need a Break from Your Business”…Via Entrepreneur.com

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This is the compelling story of one man whose web-design company went from 3 to 50 clients in less than 5 years. It got to the point, “where my clients knew I was up all night working. They would think it was okay to email me at 3 in the morning and expect a response.” After a few unfortunate events, he felt he needed a break from business and a fresh start. Click on this Entrepreneur.com article to find out what he did to revamp his business and acquire a greater work-life balance.



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