Economies of Brazil vs. Mexico: A Comparison

June 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

According to this article, when it comes to determining whether Mexico or Brazil is doing better economically, the world should start taking a much closer look at Mexico. That was the conclusion of a recent piece published by the Council on Foreign Relations. A must-read if you want to stay in the know about the two most important emerging economies today.

When comparing the two, Mexico has the largest export market and manufacturing-led economy over Brazil. Even though American investors see the potential of U.S.-Brazil trade, the reality is that Mexico is already second supplier of the exports to the U.S., just behind China. A figure that soon could change- it already earned about $163 billion last year as such compared to a mere $35 billion for Brazil.

As the article mentions, the main difference that makes Mexico looks less lucrative than Brazil for foreign investment is the way it is covered in the press. There are increasingly negative articles written about Mexico and the focus has shifted from framing the economic prosperity of the country to a morbid, ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ approach, with news outlets reporting solely on the state of affairs at the U.S.-Mexican border.

What do you think about doing business in Mexico?

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