Mexico City: Business in the City Improves

June 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Financial Times reports today that conducting business in Mexico City has improved greatly:

Almost 12 years ago, a restauranteur named Gino Pecorelli decided to open a restaurant in the Luis Cabrera square in the heart of Mexico City’s Roma district. This was a very bold move, he tells the Financial Times, since back then, Roma was such an unsafe area that Mr. Pecorelli would close immediately after lunch to avoid problems.

In stark contrast, The Zócalo, the monumental square, has become a venue for live music and performance.
The Polanco area of the city is a business center and upmarket shopping district where Mexico City’s upper classes enjoy lounging at sidewalk restaurants before returning to their work places or homes in chauffeur-driven SUVs.

In short, business is growing and life is getting better in the capital of Latin America’s second-largest urban area. “The city is much more inhabitable than it used to be,” says Sergio Martín, chief Mexico economist for HSBC in Mexico City. “It has gone from being one of the worst places to live in Mexico to one of the best.”

Read full article here. 


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