Imagine the Future!

June 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is one of the coolest articles I’ve come across in a long time…

Did you know that the futurist Herman Khan introduced the idea of “thinking the unthinkable” as a way to free our minds and let the imagination run wild as a way of forecasting the future?

                                                                                 John Loengard/Time & Life Pictures — Getty Images

It turns out that most of the time we are unable to guess the future because we are inhibited by conventional thought – common beliefs and perceptions in a society. For instance, years ago, no one would’ve imagined an encyclopedia written by amateurs that could be changed by anyone at anytime or Wikipedia (now a multimillion dollar business). Herman Khan stressed we should begin to imagine how the unthinkable might happen.

Maybe you’ve already done this and that’s precisely how your startup was created. If not, this is a wonderful exercise for anyone looking to bank in on their projections or improve the creativity of their current business.

Read a fun list of predictions for 2019 that the author dreamed up in 1999, at the dawn of the 21st Century and what we now know was the dawn of a new era.


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